Friday, March 30, 2007

Inmate suffers from meningitis and seizures then dies while in detention center

An inmate dies after becoming sick at the Clark County Detention Center. The family of 26 year old Tyrone Kemp held a candlelight vigil Sunday night; they say he died because of poor conditions at the jail. A doctor told Kemp's mother that her son had meningitis.

Just last week, the detention center announced it was dealing with a norovirus outbreak that made 150 inmates and several corrections officers sick. But doctors say meningitis really has nothing to do with norovirus, which is more of a stomach flu.

"He had to get sick in the jail. They said he had seizures and he never had seizures here, and if he did have a seizure they should have been watching him, he shouldn't have been in that cell by himself," said Denise Kemp, Tyrone's mother.

Kemp was in jail on a bench warrant for grand larceny. An autopsy by the coroner will determine his exact cause of death.


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