Sunday, April 15, 2007

Veterans and seizures

In addition to the trauma of losing limbs and internal injuries, wounded Iraqi veterans are finding they can't remember simple things, function slower at simple tasks, have seizures and have a generalized feeling of fogginess. Brain injury from explosions is the cause of these symptoms.In late March veterans and their families lobbied on Capitol Hill for more help with this new type of war wound.

Legislation would require more access to mental health facilities through the Defense Department and the VA, better training of family members and comprehensive monitoring of all returning troops for signs of brain trauma.

Mild cases of brain trauma do not surface immediately. Dr. Katerine Henry, director of neurology for the New York University School of Medicine points out that there is a rise in returning troops who have seizures, cannot control thoughts, memories and emotions. Landstuhl Regional Medical Center in Germany started a brain screening program finding one third of its war-related patients have some mental impairment.


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