Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Missing dog has seizures disorder

Her arrival brought happiness and her disappearance has saddened the Jaccard family.
Mia, a 2-year-old Yorkshire terrier, was discovered missing just after noon on Friday from the Jaccard's yard on Cypress Avenue near San Bernardino Avenue, said Dave Jaccard.

The dog the family has had since she was six weeks old has epilepsy and her seizures have become more frequent, he said.

"It's been two days now and she hasn't had her medication," Jaccard said.

The family has canvassed the neighborhood looking for her and called police. They've plastered the area with fliers.

They're also offering a reward - no questions asked.

"We just want her back. My wife and my daughter are just sick,"

Mia, weighing about five pounds with a brown face and black-silverish body, was a birthday present for his daughter when she turned 18.

Jaccard said he was working inside his home when Mia and her sidekick Eddie, a beagle, scratched on the door to go outside.

The pair was outside for about 15 minutes when Jaccard went out to empty a bucket. He noticed the yard gate pushed open. Mia was gone and Eddie was standing in front of the home.

Jaccard said a few people told him they saw a girl with a dog that looked like Mia near Truman Middle School.

But the small dog hasn't returned home.

Anyone with information is asked to call (909) 356-1035 or (951) 313-8288.


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