Friday, July 06, 2007

Five year old girl saves mom's life during seizures

A five-year-old girl on Long Island, New York made a life-saving call and won the hearts of some very experienced emergency dispatchers in the process. Diavonnie Lofton can drive a toy truck. But, it was a real telephone she operated like a pro this weekend when her mother lost consciousness in their Bayshore home and she dialed 911.

The following is the transcript of the telephone conversation between the dispatcher and Diavonnie:

Dispather -- "Is your mother talking to you? You know what I conscious? Or are her eyes closed and she's not talking?"

Diavonnie-- "I'm not talking to her. She can't hear right now."

Dispatcher-- "All right. Was she Is that what happened?"

Diavonnie-- "Well, actually, she just came on the bed before her head shaked and her feet shaked."

The 5-year-old amazed dispatchers with her calm intelligence.

Diavonnie told the dispatcher "she is breathing. Her arms aren't waving ..she is looking to the right or the left, I don't know. I don't know my left from the right."

The information she gave ensured a speedy response and her mom who suffers from seizures was rushed to the hospital. Charisse Lofton says she always taught her daughter to call 9-1-1, but never knew she was listening.

Charisse Lofton says "I taught it to her before because I had seizures last year. I didn't know she listened to me, though."

Diavonnie says "I called the police and I said ..that she...had a seizure. "
The little girl gave responders details they needed.

Diavonnie told the dispatcher "The door bell has a number two on it."

And some they didn't.

Diavonnie told the dispatcher "I gotta use the bathroom" and the dispatcher replied "I don't blame you one bit."

Charisse was released from the hospital today. Her seizures may not be over, but her worries about her five-year-old daughter are now that she knows she's not only a good listener, but quite a little talker, too.

Her composure won hearts at Suffolk Emergency Services.

One dispatcher said "I love this kid! I couldn't even do that at this age."

Another said "I'm having trouble today and I'm getting paid for it!

They say there's little doubt she helped save her mother's life.


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