Monday, August 13, 2007

Boy's dream comes true following surgery to control seizures!

Harrison Clark says, "Geez- I can't even remember."If you ask 9 year-old Harrison Coppens-Clark how long he's been wishing for a pool, he'll tell you a long time. But earlier this week, the waiting came to an end.Bob Scarborough with A Splash Above says, "We got here about 8 o'clock in the morning.Last Saturday Scarborough and workers from A Splash Above spent most of the day building the gift of Harrison's dreams.

Scarborough says, "When I talk to people about it, they just get chills because it's great to be able to help someone like that."Make-A-Wish volunteers like Deb Cupp have been working behind the scenes for five months to see it all come together.Deb Cupp, Make a Wish Volunteer, says, "I guess it's beyond words."Harrison's parents feel the same. Harrison was born three months prematurely, and struggles with developmental delays.

He also battles epileptic seizures. Cara Coppens-Clark, Harrison's Mother says, "Before the surgery- he was having seizures every one to three seconds."But now, things are looking up. Harrison's recent surgery has diminished his seizures and he's gone back to being a kid. A kid that's once again found joy.Harrison says, "Happy, surprised, excited."Knowing all of these people, friends, family members, volunteers came together to grant his one wish.

Harrison Clark/Make A Wish Recipient says "Thank you make a wish."The Make-A-Wish Foundation says there are currently 287 children on the waiting list in Indiana. If you're interested in helping, you can visit their website at


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