Saturday, September 22, 2007

Seizures are not always explained

THE doctor who opened up Edinburgh's first dedicated seizure clinic has said unexplained "one-off" blackouts are a "frustratingly common" occurrence.

Dr Richard Davenport, a consultant neurologist in Edinburgh, set up the First Seizure clinic five years ago, to help give people who have suffered an unexplained seizure a quick diagnosis.
Last year, the clinic dealt with over 400 patients.While some of the seizures are an early warning of more serious diseases, such as epilepsy, Dr Davenport admitted most were never fully explained.

He said: "Most patients prove not to have had a seizure, and the commonest diagnosis is fainting of one sort or another.

"Sometimes they will develop further symptoms leading to a diagnosis, but 'one off' blackouts of no clear cause are frustratingly common."


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