Sunday, August 31, 2008

Young boy saves pregnant mom during seizures episode

An 8-year-old boy recently found himself at the center of a 911 drama in which rescuers couldn't find the victim, his pregnant mother.

When Joleen Quigg, a MedStar dispatcher, answered the emergency call for a mother having a seizure, she said she immediately faced two challenges.

"Yes m'am, help is on the way," she said to the young boy who made the call, and who she originally believed was a woman.

First, Quigg couldn't understand what the caller was telling her. Second, the call was made from a cell phone and Quigg had no way to locate the precise address. All she knew was that the caller was somewhere near Highway 377 and Keller Hicks Road in north Fort Worth.

“Ok, since you’re crying I can’t understand what you’re saying," she told Isaac Davis Pelletier, the 8-year-old boy who made the emergency call. "You need to take a deep breath and try to tell me where to send the ambulance so I can send help."

That was all the caller needed to hear.

"I was all business and I was kind of worried," Isaac said.

Isaac didn't know the address because his family had just moved into the home the night before. Isaac tried to do the best he could as he watched his pregnant mom having a seizure on the floor. At times, she wasn't breathing.

"When she was having a seizure I checked her pulse," he said. "My dad taught me that."

The neighbors weren't home and the street sign was too far to see.

"Plus, I had to be right by her side in case something happened," Isaac said.

During the entire 38 minute call, a MedStar unit circled the neighborhood and sounded its siren. But Isaac never heard the siren because it was still about a half mile away.

But, Isaac’s calm demeanor impressed Quigg.

"He never did get upset, have that freak response or anything," she said.

Finally, Quigg asked him to look in the mailbox, which was where Isaac found his address on an envelope. Paramedics arrived immediately.

Isaac’s mom, Rebecca Davis, has had seizures before. After this last incident, she said she feels at peace knowing her son is nearby.

"It means a lot that he's looking after me, making sure I'm okay," she said. "[He] didn't panic and freak out and sit here and just cry."

The experience, Isaac said, has left him thinking he might want to be a doctor. But for now, he’ll settle for a few more hours of cartoons before he has to report to the 3rd grade.


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