Thursday, January 01, 2009

Toddler died of seizures suspected to be caused by abuse

Police released new information in what they are calling the suspicious death of a two year old girl in Fairborn.

They also released a phone call Wednesday.

Two year old Juliana Berry was home alone with her mother's boyfriend when he called for help.
"Ma'am I swear baby please what happened to you? Oh my God," he explained.

The desperate call came from the home at 233 Pat Lane in Fairborn Saturday morning around 10am.

Two-year old Juliana Berry's mom's boyfriend told a dispatcher he thought the little girl might be having a seizure with eyes rolled back in her head.

"I need for you to be calm for me ok?" the dispatcher said.

"I'm not being calm believe me ma'am I've started slapping her and everything," he said.
He didn't know how to perform CPR, so the dispatcher tried to help him through it until police arrived.

"When officers arrived they performed CPR on the child and the ambulance arrived shortly thereafter and immediately took the child to Children's Medical in Dayton," Fairborn Police Sgt. Matt Ricketts said.

Little Juliana survived for two days, but died on Monday.

"We are treating this as a suspicious death and people are being interviewed that resided in the home and the parents and relatives of the child," Ricketts said.

Police say the death is suspicious because of injuries that seemed to have occurred before hand.
In the call, the man seems to try to explain them.

"Has she had seizures before?" the dispatcher asked.

"Yeah she had one a couple days ago, but it was real short i didn't think nothing of it, she hit her head," the caller said.

Children Services has never been called to the home.

Police say they'll wait on the coroner's final report before deciding whether to present charges to the prosecutor.

That report isn't expected for several weeks.

Reported by Dave D'Marko


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