Sunday, May 31, 2009

Dog seizures: Symptoms and Treatments

If you own a dog, you ought to have yourself updated with the ailments which dogs face. Epilepsy seizure in dogs can be very scary. Epilepsy seizure is found mostly amongst Cocker Spaniel, Keeshond, Poodle, German Shepherd, Collie, Golden Retriever, Labrador retriever, Irish Setter, Saint Bernard, Siberian Husky, and Dachshund.


During Epilepsy seizure, your pet may fall over, chomp its teeth, drool, salivate, and whine. Losing control over urination and bowel, paddling of paws, and eye enlargement may also be observed. When your pet gets these kinds of symptoms, and does not respond, it is frightening and worrying. It is obvious that you will start feeling panicky and seem helpless. It is advisable to know these symptoms and take an action whenever required.

Why it happens:

Due to low blood-sugar, tumors, poisoning, kidney and liver ailments, may lead to Epilepsy seizure in dogs. It has also been observed that dogs allergic to dog-foods having chemical ingredient and artificially flavored are prone to Epilepsy seizure.

What you should do:

How should you react and what you should do when your pet gets Epilepsy seizure? The foremost thing you should do is to stay calm and try to comfort your dog. Your voice may give some comfort level to your pet. Pat gently on the dog’s hip. Also place a small soft pillow like stuff beneath the dog’s head to give additional comfort. Try to keep the surroundings as peaceful as possible.

Note down all the details which you observe and immediately call the veterinarian. Co-operate your veterinarian with all the feedback he wants. So keep a note of the seizure time, time duration of the seizure, and time duration between each seizure, and all other relevant information.


Nutritional supplements, herbs, acupuncture, and a natural diet are the various treatments available for countering Epilepsy seizure in your dog is very tiring. So after required medication ensure a peaceful environment and give adequate rest to your pet.


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