Friday, July 31, 2009

Heat and seizures: A fatal mix!

Bill Ross, 55, of Gore was discovered just after 2 p.m. Monday in a construction zone near 41st Street and 25th West Avenue.

Ross’ cause of death has not been determined, however it appears he had been suffering from medical problems and the heat may have contributed to his death.

Before his identity was confirmed, authorities were initially investigating whether the man was homeless due to the circumstance surrounding his death.

Ross lives in a nursing home in Gore due to a head injury he suffered that causes him to have seizures. He was in Tulsa visiting his brother, Jim Reese and his wife Carol Reese.

Carol said that Ross left their home in the 3600 block of South Pheonix Avenue Monday morning and never came back.

“We went looking for him, but we could not find him,” Reese said.

She said that her husband learned about the man who was found in the construction site the next morning and called police Tuesday morning. Later that morning, police notified the family that the man was confirmed to be Ross.

Reese said that she spoke to people at the construction site where he was found and they told her that he had been there since that morning. Authorities and witnesses also said that he had been drinking vodka and there was a bottled found next to him, she said.

Ross had been on several medication due to his seizures and Reese believes that a combination
of the heat, alcohol and medical problems may have caused him to have a seizure.


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