Thursday, July 09, 2009

The worst foods for your pets that can cause seizures or worst!

This is a list of the 10 most toxic people food to not give you kitty and a short description of the toxic ingredients within the food, as well as some signs of adverse reactions.

If your kitty is anything like mine, it may run at the mere hope of snagging a table scrap each time you walk to the kitchen. Although people foods are generally not harmful to us, kitties’ digestive tracts are quite different as well as their nutritional needs.

Besides preventing your cuddly little feline from expanding its sleek waistline, here are my top 10 toxic people foods that should validate solid reasons to refrain feeding your kitty table scraps:

  1. Alcohol – the toxic ingredient is ethanol and a little can do a lot of damage.Adverse reactions include: depression, excitability, poor coordination, slow respiratory rate. Severe cases: cardiac arrest and or death.
  2. Selected Fruits (such as apples, apricots, cherries, peaches and plums) – large amounts of seeds, leaves and stems carry a compound of cyanide. Adverse reactions include: dilated pupils, shock, apprehension, hyperventilation as well as breathing difficulties.
  3. Avocados- toxic ingredient is persin which is a fatty acid derivative. It is unsafe to feed any part or amount of avocado to cats or dogs. Adverse reactions include: abnormal breathing, fluid accumulation in chest abdomen or around the heart as well as breathing difficulties.
  4. Baking Powder/ baking soda or yeast – toxins are related to large amounts ingested and to leavening agents which cause the powders or yeast to expand. Adverse reactions include: low potassium and calcium with high sodium causing abnormal electrolytes. Severe cases: can cause muscle spasms and congestive heart failure.
  5. Chocolate – besides the high fat content it contains caffeine and bromine, which is not just toxic to dogs but to cats as well. Adverse reactions: muscle spasms, increase in water consumption and urination, hyperactivity, excessive panting, restlessness, the heart’s rate and blood pressure my rise. Severe cases: seizures or worse.
  6. Coffee – also contains caffeine which is toxic to pets. Adverse reactions are similar to chocolate. Please keep in mind, only 8 tea spoons is enough to be lethal.
  7. Onions and garlic – any form of onions, powdered, dried, fresh is extremely harmful. Garlic is slightly less harmful than onion. The toxin in these related root veggies is called N-propyl disulphide. Adverse reactions: toxin damages red blood cells which can cause anemia and lethargy. Trace amounts in cat food or treats should be okay but large amounts should be avoided.
  8. Grapes and raisins: the toxicity of these two in regards to pets is unknown, no amount is advisable. Adverse reactions: can cause kidney failure.
  9. Green tomatoes or green potatoes - raw, the stems, leaves etc. are all harmful due to a poisonous alkaloid called glycoalkaloid solanine. Adverse reactions include: causes severe lower gastrointestinal symptoms.
  10. Salt – in large quantities can lead to sodium ion poisoning. Definitely should be limited or removed from diet due to adverse reactions which include: vomiting, diarrhea, excessive water intake and urination, muscle spasms and tremors, fever and in severe cases seizures and or death. (I know my kitty likes chips and other salty snacks, but are too much salt for feline consumption.)
There are many people foods to avoid giving pets. To ensure a healthy and long life for your kitty, its best to save the people food for the people. For more information and to view other toxic foods to avoid please click here.


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