Sunday, May 20, 2007

Mom saved by her 5 years old son during seizures episode

When Caleb Weeks' mother began having seizures last month, he did exactly what he was taught and called 911.

Caleb: "My mom fell on her bed and she's having seizures."Dispatcher: "We're getting them out there to you. They'll be there shortly."Caleb:" Bye."Dispatcher: "No, don't hang up yet ... You did a good job calling 911."Caleb: "OK, thanks. I know how to do it."Dispatcher: "That's good, that's very good that you know how to do it. It'll help your mom out."

The boy's mom, Marka, said she taught him how to call 911 in case there was ever an emergency, but she didn't know he could really do it.

"What he did was correct. I'm very proud of him," Marka Weeks said. "I was just kind of shocked when I saw rescue people here."

At one point, Caleb did hang up the phone to go check on his mother, but the dispatcher, Lacy Reed, called right back to make sure she had the right address and to make sure everything was still OK.

Reed kept Caleb on the phone for several more minutes until rescuers got to the home.
Marka Weeks was not only grateful for her son, but the dispatcher that kept her son on the line and kept him calm until help arrived.

Reed had only been on the job three months when Caleb and his mother needed help.
"I asked him how old he was and he said 5, and then I was like, 'OK, let me ask you some more questions and really see what was going on,'" Reed said.

She said she knew she had to keep Caleb on the phone and try to get as much information as she could from the 5-year-old.

Dispatcher: "Is she laying on the floor?"Caleb: "She's laying on the bed."Dispatcher: "She's laying on the bed?"Caleb: "Yes."Dispatcher: "OK. Has she had seizures before? Do you know?" Caleb: "Yes."Dispatcher: "Yes she has?"Caleb: "She had them in her sleep."

"He's actually the only kid I talked to on the job," Reed said. "I think it's special that any kid can remember their address and tell you where they are and get help on the way if the adult's having an issue."

Caleb's mother said she taught the boy to call 911 because she has seizures and she wanted him to know what to do in case of an emergency. She said she's proud of her son.


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