Sunday, July 15, 2007

Trial for uncontrollable seizures?

If you have epilepsy, take daily medication but still experience uncontrolled seizures, you might be a candidate for a trial now underway at USC University Hospital. Neuropace, a company in Mountain View, Calif., has developed a device that's implanted in the skull and designed to provide "responsive stimulation" to the area of the brain that triggers epileptic seizures, attempting to stop the seizures before they cause symptoms.

Called the RNS neurostimulator, the device is controlled by a battery and contains a computer chip designed to detect and store a record of your brain's electrical activity. Of course there are potential risks and side effects, and implantation is a 2- to 5-hour procedure, but interested parties can call 1-866-904-6630 or visit for more information.


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