Sunday, October 07, 2007

Walk for Epilepsy!

On Sunday, October 14 the Epilepsy Foundation will host their annual Freedom Walk in Griffith Park.

I spoke with Greg Grunberg, the Honorary Chair of the walk, about his involvement with the organization. "It's a fun two hour walk in Griffith Park. We are raising a lot of money for The Epilepsy Foundation. Our team is called the Crazy Brainwaves. It's led by my eleven year old son Jake who has had epilepsy since he was seven. He's an example of a difficult to treat case.

Everyday we battle to fine tune his medication. We are always striving to get his seizures under control. At the same time, you'd never know he has it. He's almost a black belt in karate and an all star baseball player. Even though he knows that he has the potential for having seizures, he goes to school everyday. He has the support of his family, friends and the faculty at school.

As long as everyone is aware of the fact that someone could have a seizure, there isn't any reason why everyone around you shouldn't know that you have Epilepsy. People shouldn't be freaked out about it."

"The whole point of the walk both the national walk and also this one on Oct 14 is to just get out and support the work of The Epilepsy Foundation. If you have epilepsy, if you know someone who does, if you want to support people who have seizure disorders, come out and walk with us. People with Epilepsy can live perfectly normal lives. There shouldn't be any stigma attached to seizures. We are going to run and walk as fast as we possibly can to find a cure and to get better treatment and funding. We support the work that the scientists and the doctors are doing to fight this neurological disorder."

To join Greg and his family go to the
Epilepsy Foundation website. You can make a donation or sign up to participate in the walk. Click on the link to the Crazy Brainwaves if you would like to be a member of Jake's team.


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