Thursday, November 08, 2007

Service dog detecting seizures in patient is now missing!

Man's- or in this case woman's- best friend has gone missing in Northampton County. But this pooch isn't the typical pet. And her absence is putting both pet and owner in peril. WFMZ's Bo Koltnow has the story.

>> MelanieIf I'm laying on the floor lick me, nudge me, know how long it's going to happen. Melanie Stripp is speaking about Blossom, her Golden Retriever. But Blossom is no ordinary pooch.

>> Melanie She makes sure I'm ok and there is somebody around after it happens. She's good at it let me tell you.What Blossom is good at is detecting seizures, she's a specially trained seizure response dog. Stripp raised 5-thousand dollars a little more than a year ago for Blossom. She not only found a best friend but a friend who also gives her independence. Stripps been epileptic since she was 6 months old.

>> Melanie When you finally find a dog with those qualities to help you, you don't see that anywhere. Since Friday Stripp hasn't seen Blossom anywhere. The crafty canine managed to escape from her South Broadway yard.

>> Melanie I've been to parks, fields, woods, gas stations.

>> Reporter She's also posted these signs all over town pleading for Blossom's return.

>> Melanie I'm afraid somebody's taken her in and loved her to death and not give her back. The danger is not only to Stripp, who has seizures without warning but also to Blossom. The dog has Rocky Mountain Fever and needs to take medication 3 times per day.

>> Melanie All I want is to have her back and home with me that is all I want. Blossoms breeder is offering a reward. Stripp says the dog answers to "Blossom come." Something Stripp is still holding out hope for. In Wind Gap.. Northampton County.. Bo Koltnow 69 News.


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