Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Stolen camcorder helped treating grandson's seizures

A West Springfield grandmother is sending out a plea to find her missing camcorder containing information that would help her disabled grandson.Carol Crozier simply adores her grandson, Trevor. She and her husband are raising the 6-year-old, who has a unique chromosome disorder, causing him to have seizures and other medical complications.

"He does have a lot of medical problems, he's legally blind, he's got brain damage," Crozier said.Upon doctors orders, the Croziers bought an Aiptek Mega 4 camera to record Trevor's seizures. "My pediatrician said write everything down and video it, so we can see it and the neurologist - and that's what we were doing," said Carol.Then one weekend, she said, the camera disappeared, "Sunday he had a seizure and Monday, I couldn't find the camera.

We tore this whole house apart."The Croziers were forced to buy a new camera, but the cost was more than monetary. Carol said, "That's got all his medical on it. I can't replace that disk."Carol suspects her friend's nephew may have taken the camera while in the house that Saturday. Wherever it is, Carol said, she just wants the footage back, "Please, I need that video back. It's important, all his medical to help him. He needs that for the doctors. I need that, that's important."


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