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Can vaccinations be related to seizures?

In September of 2008, New Jersey parents will be forced to vaccinate their infants and preschoolers with a pneumococcal and yearly flu vaccine as a requirement for day care and preschool. Because of the nature of the flu vaccine, each year a different virus is targeted and a new vaccine developed. By mandating the flu vaccine, every year a child will receive a combination of vaccines without an established safety history.

U.S. Senate Bill 732, known as the "Comprehensive Child Health Immunization Act of 1993," made known that there are risks to vaccines. The following is from that bill: "Vaccine information materials should be simplified to ensure that parents can understand the benefits and risks of vaccines." But, how can all the risks of a new vaccine or vaccine combination be known and communicated to parents when the flu vaccine is off the market nine months after its introduction?

In 1994 when my oldest daughter was immunized, the vaccine information from my pediatrician not only listed fever, pain and swelling at the injection site but also some scary side effects such as seizures, encephalitis and death. When I vaccinated my son in 1998, I noticed my pediatrician provided no information and I thought, "Good, they fixed the problems with the vaccines."
In 2001, when my third child was vaccinated, the nurse asked the doctor, "Why so many?" He responded, "They changed them." I assumed he was referring to the removal of mercury and a move to separate the combination vaccines. I was wrong. My daughter's vaccines contained mercury and a newly licensed pneumococcal vaccine was added to her lot of six other toxoids she would receive that day.

My daughter had eight seizures after her four-month shots and was autistic within weeks of her vaccinations. During that time, my mute son's blood work showed significantly elevated levels of mercury and aluminum -- both ingredients in his childhood vaccines.

My daughter's seizures and autism went unreported by my pediatrician -- he remarked the timing of her immunizations, seizures and plummet into autism as a coincidence. My son's heavy metal burden was ignored as well.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration estimates that, under the Clinton and Bush administrations, only 1 percent of vaccine-adverse events have been reported.

It is unacceptable that side-effects and injuries from even well-established vaccines are not acknowledged by pediatricians or the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and that parents are not privy to information stated in the Health Immunization Act of 1993.

Unlike the information I received in 1994, today's pediatric offices sport glossy posters and brochures that minimize and euphemize the side-effects of vaccines and exaggerate the risks of disease.

The addition of these vaccines and others to the already complex and expansive childhood vaccine schedule adds more risk to our children. Parents need to know the truth about vaccination side-effects and make their own choices regarding the health and safety of their children.
Mandated indiscriminate mass vaccination is wrong. Ultimately the care of an injured child falls on the parent and not the medical establishment.

I think that the Government should butt out of peoples lives and worry about people losing their homes because of school taxes. I would home school my child before I would let anybody put all these vaccines in my babys body. You'll see, down the road these shots will cause all kinds of problems for the children, especially mental problems, then the Government will say" it's not our problem" even though they are forcing these shots on the babys. Slow but sure, the Gov is taking over our lives and dictating to us how to run and live it. Leave the babys alone! Posted by: Snarley on Mon Dec 31, 2007 12:32 am

I had a life-threatening reaction to the flu shot in Oct 2005. I was not given any information on the possible serious side effects of the vaccine. I spent 24 days in the hospital, 2 weeks in an intensive therapy untit, and the next 6 months going 3 times a week to physical therapy trying to regain the use of my legs. Two hospitals and countless specialists later, I filled out my own Vaccine Adverse Event Report after a neighbor found it on the internet. If vaccines are going to be mandatory, Doctors need to be honest about the possible side effects and report them. It is scary what they dont tell you. It is too late for me, what about your children.

While NJ has a medical exemption, the govenment does not have to accept them. So even though my doctors say my children should NEVER get the flu vaccine, NJ could demand they get them to attend public school.


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