Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Can Police lights cause seizures?

Hattiesburg Police said Saturday they are investigating a pregnant woman's complaint against two officers during a traffic stop.

Valerie King of Hattiesburg filed the complaint after the car in which she was a passenger was stopped about 8:15 p.m. Wednesdayby an unidentified officer who was joined by a second officer.
King, in a letter to the Hattiesburg American published in Saturday's edition, said she is seven months pregnant and suffers from juvenile myoclonic epilepsy, which, when exposed to flashing lights, can cause small seizures.

"I stepped out of the vehicle to explain this disorder and ask the officers to consider the health of my unborn baby and turn off the flashing lights," King wrote.

"The assisting officer screamed for me to get back in the vehicle and close my eyes if I had a problem. We were detained another five minutes after which I had three small seizures induced by the police strobe lights.

"My health and the health of my baby were disregarded by the police. I was never disrespectful or rude to the officers."

Police spokeswoman LaShana Sorrell said in a prepared statement, "Our department has received a complaint and an investigation into the allegations is in the beginning stages. All allegations are taken seriously and at the conclusion of our investigation all persons involved will be notified of our findings."

Police declined further comment.


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