Saturday, January 12, 2008

Rod Stewart's son rushed to hospital with fever that could trigger seizures

Panic-stricken parents Rod Stewart and Penny Lancaster made an emergency dash to hospital with their son of two when his temperature rocketed to 102F.

The distraught couple rushed little Alastair in the car from their home in Miami on Sunday morning when he suddenly fell ill.

They were taken to the emergency room fearing the toddler had contracted meningitis.

An insider said: "Alastair was burning up inside and Rod and Penny were very concerned.

"They decided not to take any chances and rushed to hospital and were told to take him straight to the children's emergency room."

"Like any parent, they were worried it could be something like meningitis."

Doctors say it is vital for parents to monitor their child's temperature as a sudden rise can lead to seizures.

A high fever can also be a symptom of brain bug meningitis, which has potentially fatal consequences. But, luckily, medics diagnosed the boy with an upper respiratory and ear infection and prescribed antibiotics.

The insider added: "They were very reassured by the treatment he was given and the fact he was allowed home the same day."

Penny, 36, said yesterday: "Alastair had been suffering with a high fever, so was taken to St Mary's Hospital in West Palm Beach.

"He was diagnosed as having an infection.

"The hospital was very thorough and their quick diagnosis and response now has him comfortable and responding well to the antibiotics at home."

The youngster was not kept in overnight and was allowed back to their Miami home, where he is now recovering.

Pain and pressure in the ear caused by a middle ear infection are often associated with upper respiratory infections.

But a sudden rise in temperature in children rise can lead to seizures called febrile convulsions where part or all of the body may shake and twitch, and the eyes may roll back in the head.

Rod, who turns 63 on Thursday, and Penny, who impressed audiences on the BBC's Strictly Come Dancing, tied the knot in Italy in June last year.

The couple are now thought to be planning to have another child.

Feverish temperatures can be anything over 100F. Normal body temperature in children - best measured in his/her armpit - ranges from 97.7F to 100F


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