Saturday, May 03, 2008

Mother beaten to death by sons and nephew on a account of seizures

A woman was brutally beaten to death by her three sons with the help of their cousins in Ghaziabad on Saturday.

Fifty five-year-old Shashi’s three sons — Rohit, Ashish and Navneet — were trying to exorcise her of the spirit of a relative who had died a few months ago.

The three men, one an engineering student, another an MBA degree holder and the third one a student of Class XII, together with their cousin, beat Shashi to death with rods.

They then tried to sacrifice their sister-in-law to bring their dead mother back to life and even beat up their sister Reena, her husband and other relatives who tried to intervene.

"They thought she was possessed with the spirit of Goddess Kali," Preeti Singh said.

All four aged between 18-24 years were arrested on Sunday and sent to a 14-day judicial custody by a Ghaziabad court.

The assumption of the sons that their mother was possessed was based on the fact that Shashi suffered frequent seizures.

Yet, instead of seeking professional help, the sons decided to take things in their own hands.
Psychiatrists say that the problem lies in lack of education regarding metal illnesses.

The incident has left the family and the neighbours stunned. The fact that three educated young men can kill their mother because of superstition has raised question on whether education can really impart wisdom.


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