Thursday, November 08, 2007

Toy beads set cause seizures in children

Irish toy stores have been urged to stop selling Bindeez bead sets and craft products amid fears that they pose a danger to children.

The National Consumer Association today warned the stores about the need to temporarily remove the items from sale following a number of incidents in Australia in which two children were hospitalised.

Earlier today hundreds of the art and craft kits were removed from Smyths Toy Superstores in Ireland.

The craft kits were previously banned in Australia after two children in Sydney were brought to hospital, suffering seizures after swallowing beads from the pack.

Scientists later found that the plastic beads contain a chemical that breaks down into a potentially fatal drug when swallowed.

It is not known if the kits in Ireland or in the UK have been contaminated and the decision to remove them is a precautionary measure.

Toxicologly tests are to be carried out on the products sold in Ireland and in the UK immediately but the toys distributor, Character Options Ltd, says it is confident the batches are safe.

Results of these tests will be known within the next four days.

Until then, a safety alert will remain in place and all Bindeez products should be removed from shop shelves.

Consumers who have bought Bindeez products have been urged by the NCA to stop using them and put them in a safe place until further information is available.

Consumers are also urged to check the National Consumer Agency website or 01 4025563 for updates on the latest position.


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