Saturday, January 19, 2008

Basketball, a dream come true for boy with seizure disorder

Little Stockton May loves basketball just like his namesake, but this special athlete faces challenges on and off the court. He was diagnosed with a rare genetic disorder called Dravet Syndrome when he was only four years old.

Dravet Syndrome causes Stockton to have seizures, sometimes one after another, and his disorder doesn’t respond well to medication. Simple things can trigger violent seizures. Things like light, noise and heat. These are conditions frequently found on the basketball court. This caused a conflict in Stockton’s young life.

He desperately wanted to play ball, but couldn’t tolerate a normal court. So, his parents would take him down the street in the black of night, to play ball on blacktop, but they had to stand behind him at all times, just in case he had a seizure and fell. Make A Wish Foundation of Utah granted a special wish for this special little boy: a basketball court in his backyard.

It’s completely covered to keep out the light and heat that bothers Stockton so much. It also has rubberized flooring to protect him from any spills he might take pursuing his passion. His parents now have a new problem: how to get Stockton to come inside!To find out more about granting wishes for Make A Wish of Utah, or having a wish granted, call 801-262-9474 or visit


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